Expandable Top Box - L - XL and XXL

Expandable Top Box - L - XL and XXL




Easily Adjusts to offer 3 size options all in one Top Box

Design, Technology and Experience come together to achieve the only adjustable case up to 58 litres. Compatible with all SHAD Top Master fitting kits. 

This Top Box offers great flexibilty in one package allowing a day to day Top Box then adjusting for that weekend trip and finally expanding to give you plenty of storage for that big road trip.

How does it expand?

Inside the Top Box are a couple of small levers that you unclip to allow the top section to slide up, or down.  When you have the correct size required simply click the levers back to lock in position. 

So if your daily commute requires just a basic amount of storage, select the lowest setting or if you require more space simply expand to the desired size.

This Top Box really is the answer to your everyday and touring needs all in one Top Box.

As with all Shad top boxes a fitting plate is included which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack, the construction is robust, the design aesthetically appealing.


L – 

In its most compact mode (L), this case offers a volume of 46L.

XL –

In the second position (XL) it reaches 52L, allowing you to store 2 full-face helmets.

XXL – 

Finally, when the case its completely expanded (XXL), the volume reaches the 58L offering great space for touring.

Spanish luggage experts Shad have done it again. We've all seen expandable soft luggage, but Shad have applied that principle to their innovative new expandable Top Box - yes, hard luggage that can be expanded to increase its capacity!

This simple yet innovative solution has been patented by Shad and allows the SH58X top case to be expanded from 46 litres, to 52 litres and up to a maximum of 58 litres of capacity. In fact if you go for the SH59X option, due soon, with alternative lid, there is an extra litre to be had too!

The ultimate objective was to develop a new concept of expandable Top Box, allowing it to be expanded for multiple uses..

The technical challenges that were considered were.

 1.-A maximum capacity for 2 Enduro helmets. 

2.- Design an easily adjustable system, with at least 3 selectable positions offering differing capacity.

3.- Maximize product durability. SHAD have designed a locking system that does not swing up with the lid but is fixed to the base section of the Top Box making it more durable.

4.-Achieve high dynamic performance, optimizing weight and aerodynamics in all three size options. The new Expandable case uses a structural frame which guarantees high rigidity while minimizing the weight.  As a result, the case is the lightest in its category, minimising the effect on the motorcycle.

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