Touring Advice

Touring Advice

The information here is offered to give you a guide to riding on the Continent. Whether you are planning your first Continental trip or you are a seasoned tourer we hope you will find the information here of use.


Below is a list of some documents you must carry with you by law in certain countries.

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence (if riding in certain Eastern European countries check in advance if you need a permit, see below)
  • Insurance documents for your motorcycle (inform your provider which countries you are visiting - you may need a bail bond)
  • Personal Insurance documents (make sure this covers you in all the countries you plan to visit)
  • European Motoring Accident statement form (available from your insurers)
  • V5 registration document (the original copy)
  • MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • If you have hired or borrowed the motorcycle, you will need a letter from the owner giving permission to use it on the Continent and the original V5 or a copy)
  • European breakdown cover documents
  • EHIC card (replaced the old E111) - a reciprocal health care card. Available free at - please ensure it is valid for the dates of your trip and has not/or does not expire while away

In certain Eastern European countries you may need to obtain an IDP (international Driving Permit) that must be kept with your driving licence. Please check on the AA or Post Office websites to see if the countries you are travelling to require this. It is normally required if you are using the old 'paper' type driving licence without a photograph of you on it.

Please also check that you have reached the minimum age for riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, in the countries you are visiting. Most European countries have a minimum age of 18 on a full driving licence, not provisional.

Useful tips

From the 1st July 2018 the French Government will introduce a reduced speed limit on countryside roads in an attempt to make their roads safer!! The limit will be reduced from 90 km/h to 80 km/h on all two-lane highways or more specifically on all secondary roads without a central reservation!

According to the Government this will be a 'two year trial' until 1st July 2020 after which further changes may be made depending on the effectiveness of the trial.


The following is a list of things to do, check or research before heading off on your motorcycle tour. It is here as a guide and is not an exhaustive list.

  • Mobile phone (check with your provider that it is activated for use in the countries you are visiting)
  • Remember to turn off DATA Transfer on your mobile when roaming or you could end up with a large phone bill.
  • Inform your credit card issuer that you will be using it on the Continent (some may block it if you have not used it abroad before)
  • Radar detectors are illegal in many European countries (you will be fined and the device destroyed if found)
  • Fixed camera location devices as used on some Sat Navs are illegal in some European countries
  • If not displaying a GB sticker on your bike you will need one
  • If you wear glasses to ride in you must carry a spare pair with you.
  • You may need to use headlight beam benders if your headlight does not have a flat beam pattern
  • Make sure your tyres will last for your trip - it will take up riding time if you have to get them changed

And above all, once you are on the Continent, remember to ride on the right!