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Touring Pack - H4 Bulb kit version

Touring Pack - H4 Bulb kit version


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From 20th November 2016 the French have introduced a new law stating you MUST wear approved gloves when on your motorcycle. You will incur a fine of €68 if either you or your pillion are not wearing them.

Touring Pack includes 4 x 'low tack' reflective helmet stickers.

To ensure motorcycle riders conform to European law, there are items they must carry when motorcycling in Europe.

Our Continental Rider European Touring Packs ensure that you comply with all the requirements of European Countries where these regulations apply. These items are supplied in a compact zip up bag, ideal for motorbike owners and touring enthusiasts where space saving is a priority.

Pack contains:

  • Replacement H4 Bulb Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Beam Benders
  • Hi-Viz Jacket
  • Breathalyser
  • GB Sticker
  • Keep Right Sticker
  • Deer Whistle
  • 10 assorted mini fuses
  • Fuse removal tool

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Please make sure you order the Touring Pack with the correct headlight bulb kit for your motorcycle. If you are unsure of the correct headlight bulb for your motorbike please email us and we will let you know.

Whilst we try to ensure our information is correct the laws can, and do, change regularly so it is your responsibilty to verify the requirements for the countries you are visiting.

1. Minibox Bulb Kit

This compact replacement bulb kit is perfect motorbike riders as its very compact. The kit contains the following:

  • 1 x H4 12v main headlight bulb (please check which headlight bulb your motorbike uses before ordering)
  • Assorted bulbs and Maxi fuses
  • 1 x Fuse removal tool

As most modern motorcycles use the ‘mini’ type blade fuses, our European touring packs also include the following mini fuses

  • 1 x 2A
  • 1 x 3A
  • 1 x 4A
  • 1 x 5A
  • 1 x 7.5A
  • 1 x 10A
  • 1 x 15A
  • 1 x 20A
  • 1 x 25A
  • 1 x 30A

2. First Aid Kit

Our Motorcycle First Aid Kit conforms to DIN 13167 standard and contains the following items supplied in a zip-up bag with an inner sleeve ensuring the items are kept neatly together.

1 x Adhesive bandage on a roll DIN 13019 5 m x 1,2 cm
8 x Adhesive plasters 10 x 6 cm
2 x First Aid Dressing DIN 13151 M, sterile
1 x Compress for burns DIN 13152 A
1 x Rescue sheet 210 x 160 cm
1 x Pair of scissors DIN 58279
4 x First aid gloves DIN EN 455
1 x First-aid-booklet

3. Beam Benders

UK Vehicle headlamps are specifically designed for driving on the left hand side of the road. Consequently, when driving on the right in Europe, your headlamps will shine into oncoming traffic. This will severely dazzle other road users, is dangerous, illegal, and must be prevented at all times - night or day (including rain, fog, etc).

Before driving on the continent, always ensure your vehicle is LEGALLY FIT FOR THE ROAD by adapting your headlamps with the beam benders.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Motorcycle headlights produce a ‘flat’ beam pattern and do not need the beam deflecting to the right. Please check with your handbook for details of your specific headlight pattern before applying the beam benders.

4. Hi-Viz Jacket

You never know when an emergency will arise but if it does, particularly during darkness or bad weather, a Hi-Viz jacket will improve your chances of being seen. In certain countries, it is a legal requirement to wear one should your vehicle break down, there is an accident or any other situation that means you will be away from your vehicle in a dangerous environment. Our Hi-Viz jackets conform to EN471, the European standard for reflective material.
The jacket is only supplied in one size 3XL.

5. Breathalyser

This simple-to-use, disposible breathalyser is small, compact and will easily fit into your luggage.

Although the law is still unclear as to the requirement to carry Breathalysers and the proposed fines for not carrying them have been postponed indefinitely random breath tests are common place when riding in France.  If you are at all unsure you should test yourself to make sure you are OK to ride for your own peace of mind however you must have an unused one with you so you would need to replace it.

Please note that these breathalysers are designed for use based on French regulations for alcohol blood level limits (the limit in France 0.5 grams/litre)

PLEASE NOTE  Touring Packs contain 1 breathalyser.

6. GB Sticker

It is a legal requirement to display ‘GB’ to the rear of your vehicle when travelling outside the UK. Failure to do this could result in an 'on the spot fine'.

The reason for a GB plate is to advise other motorists that you are a visitor to their country and as such you are probably unfamiliar with their motoring conventions. Simply attach the GB sticker to the rear of your motorcycle wherever you can find a suitable area that is visible to the following traffic.

7. Keep-Right Sticker

As many road accidents occur when riding on the wrong side of the road, i.e. the left when riding abroad, this simple sticker, applied to your right hand wing mirror will act as a reminder to STAY ON THE RIGHT.

Simply peel off and stick as low down on your mirror as possible so as not to obscure your rearward vision, then whenever you check your mirror you will have a visual reminder that you should be riding on the right.

8. Reflective Helmet Stickers

France has a law, dating from the 1990's, stating motorcycle helmets must display 4 x 18cm sq reflective stickers, front, sides and back of your helmet.

We have sourced these stickers using a 'low tack' backing as some people may not want them permanently on their helmet.  Please ensure you clean the area of the helmet where you are going to apply the stickers.

9. Deer Whistle

Extremely easy to fit, simply mount, using the included double-sided sticky tabs, so the open tubes face forward on a flat surface, ideally that is parallel to the road, allowing air to flow through the tubes.

When your vehicle reaches a speed of 35mph (60kmh) the device will emit a high frequency whistle which warns and scares off animals. This is a surprisingly useful addition to our packs for those motorbike enthusiasts on tours in far flung regions of Europe where its not unusual to come up against wildlife and cattle on the roads. It alerts animals to your presence and as such reduces the likelihood of accidents.


Dimensions: 26cm x 14cm x 8cm
Weight: 600g


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