Touring Sites

Touring Sites

Magellan Motorcycle Tours

A UK leading specialist in escorted motorcycle tours in Europe and beyond. Offering the best holiday any biker could wish for. Whether you want to ride through snow covered peaks, rolling vineyards or just the quietest traffic free roads there is something for everyone on their motorcycle tours to Europe and beyond.

They have multilingual, first aid trained, guides with many years experience who have lived and worked in Europe for over 15 years between them. Their tours are all comprehensively planned and led leaving you with nothing more to do than enjoy the roads, scenery, great food and accommodation.

Bimble on the Bike Tours

A small company based in Norfolk that takes delight in taking groups of riders on small tours to give them a taster of what touring is about. They run tours from three days upwards to various parts of the country and can tailor them to any specific requirements that you may have.

They will set up the whole event so you don’t need to worry about trying to read a map and ride, so that all you need to do is concentrate on your riding. 

They will give you the confidence and knowledge to either go out and explore further afield yourself or join them again for some of the trips into Europe so that you can learn how to load you bike safely on a ferry and ride on the wrong side of the road! From there, who know's where the road will take you............. as adventure is never far away.

MOTOFrance Motorcycle Tours

Unforgettable guided motorcycle tours & track days in France and european destinations. Road Touring, MotoGP, Off-road and track days with many options to suit your sole rider or group requirements with MOTOFrance.

France offers some of the most scenic and peaceful roads and can take you from stunning French coastal roads to winding mountain twisties and access to all western european countries offering fantastic experiences on our French motorbike tours.

The roads are suited to all motorbike riders of all abilities and whether whistle stop or those who fancy a relaxing riding holiday and take in mile upon mile of great scenery and culture.